Please send me writing prompts. I need to practise and get to know my characters. I don't promise to publish whatever I end up writing but if I end up editing them as well, I may~ Anyway, if you have anything in mind, please send me a message or comment this post. It can be anything, really, from actual prompts to songs, colours and objects or whatever you want included. 


Long time no see shit liek that ololol~

I'm back, I think! I have so many plans and things. Excited. You shall be informed in the future.
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Cold greetings

Hai there. Still living. Bored and lazy, feeling up to design a house in Sims 3. Haven't done that for ages. Hmm, well. I could also do some rewriting to first Utopia. It's freezing outside, by the way. And dancing, working out and stretching are great.
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I went to the grocery shop nearby. Saw an old… Saw a person from the days long gone. The air around felt thick of unsaid hellos and goodbyes, questions and greetings, explanations, life, time that has passed, we being perfectly aware of it. I breathed in the emotion, felt like drowning as if it had been liquid and perhaps it was, and in a minute he was gone like he’d never been there. I found traces afterwards, I smelled the oddity in his clothes, new people around him, new places he had been to. He hadn’t changed a lot and neither have I.  

And here I sit, in my upstairs bedroom, on the window sill looking at the busy city below and think about the other tiny persons around its corners and turns, wondering how often or seldom it is when they stop to think like I do now. No snow, but it’s raining again and the raindrops find the glass like our younger fingers did each other, sticking to it but falling down and fading away after a while.

Home again

Phhhhhh. Watching Doctor Who, going to watch Star Trek soon... Then I've got to walk the dog. It's with me in my apartment by now. It's pretty nice. I should start painting soon. I've got two little things I need to draw. Need. Have to. But I'm happy about it. Or at least pretty content with the fact.

it is

Christmas. I got the best presents ever even though I told I DO NOT WANT any. List of them can be found from tumblr. I might copy it in here soon but now I need sleep so I'll just watch an episode of Sherlock and then go to bed and it'll mean no internets for me until tomorrow. Bye, ta ta!
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